Cattorini has been established in the year 1974 by Vittorio Cattorini and since 1992 continued by the two brothers Fabio and Alessandro.

The company is situated in the north of Italy, about 5 km from Milano-Malpensa Airport away.

Since the foundation our company is growing continously, accompanied by continous enlargement of manpower and extension of the production capacity.

We can say with proud that thanks to our serious and reliably work since now 35 years we obtain a great appreciation from all our customers.

Since a long time we have a close collaboration with two external firms for the manufacturing a lot of various parts which will be assembled afterwards in our company to complete machines. Furthermore we have also a close co-operation with excellent engineering offices working for us also since many years.

The market evolution and the continuos research of materials and innovative fibers from users, has stimulated us to enlarge and deepen our knowledges on materials and on the best technologies for help to rise our experience.

The constant turnover increase especially in the last years and the planned enlargement of our production capacity, provides us the opportuity to enlarge our perspectives for the purpose to improve also our customer services.

Optimum and innovative service is for us an obligation.

Fabio & Alessandro Cattorini